Massage. An uninterrupted period in which you enter a state of blissful relaxation. An experience that relieves you of tension and leaves you with an overall sense of wellbeing. If you’ve ever had a massage, you know the incredible results you feel almost immediately. Even a deeper, somewhat intense massage leaves you feeling looser and more alive. Yes, massage is wonderful, but the benefits of this body treatment actually go beyond the initial feelings of relief and joy. Read on to discover 5 benefits regular massage can bring to your life.

Massage provides you with some much needed self-care

In this busy world of distractions, it’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day duties and stresses. But you deserve to take time to yourself, and to do so frequently. Massage is a great type of self-care. Regular massage says “I prioritise me!” Being attentive to your own well being is crucial to boosting overall health and happiness.

Regular massage supports a stronger immune system

Massage makes you feel good in the immediate moment, but also helps you feel good long term, by keeping you healthy. Frequent massage sessions have been shown to promote an increased immunity. By decreasing your cortisol levels (that unpleasant stress-related hormone) your “infection-fighting” cells are able to thrive and better help you ward off illness. Massage also increases your blood flow, which helps keep all your systems functioning at their best.

Massages reduce your stress level

After a massage, you can feel an instant sense of calm. Your stress seems to have disappeared. Indeed, the more massages you receive, the lower your overall level of stress will be. This is due to the decrease of stress hormones as well as the release of endorphins which calm your peripheral nervous system. When your muscles are freed of knots and tension, this also aids in letting go of stress and can help your body better react to stressors in the future. A soothing treatment such as our Unwinding Full Body Massage can deliver you these benefits.

Massage brings both temporary and lasting pain relief

The clearest benefit of massage is the almost instant relief it can bring. But the real advantages are the long-term results. Although a single massage session can help enormously, you will see the best results when receiving regular massage, as it can take ongoing treatments to return your tight muscles to a state of natural relaxation. Frequent massage helps the muscles lengthen and expand, which improves blood flow and promotes better repair and growth. Massage can even help to improve your posture, as your back muscles relax and return to their original position. Overtime this helps your muscles be in a healthier state, so you feel better and have an easier time avoiding pain and tension.

Massage helps you get a better night’s sleep

Would you believe that the benefits of massage extend beyond the massage table and into your bed? It’s true. It’s not just the massage itself which gets you ready for a nap. With regular massage you can depend on a better night’s sleep going forward. Because massage delivers increased levels of serotonin, the body is then able to better produce melatonin, an essential chemical that aids in sound sleep.

Ready for a massage?

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