Here at Luscious Body Beautiful we are excited to announce the launch of a brand new product range in the salon. Recognised and respected all over the world, Dermalogica is coming to our Nowra salon as of 1st February! And, along with the Dermalogica range, comes their unique face mapping system. We can’t wait to get this system in the salon and start helping our fabulous clients with a targeted skincare regime and a healthy skin future.

What is Dermalogica’s Face Mapping?

Face Mapping is a skin analysis technique that has been developed by the International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. Rather than analysing the facial skin as a whole, Face mapping divides the face into 14 distinct zones. The therapist then conducts an inch by inch assessment of the skin, identifying problem areas as they go. Sounds time consuming right? Actually, it only takes approximately 15 minutes. How good is that?

What are the Benefits of Face Mapping?

Once every aspect of the skin has been analysed, the therapist can tailor a regime to optimise skin health. This means every salon treatment, as well as home care regimens, will ultimately be more effective and target the specific needs of each individual client. Essentially, Face Mapping takes the guess work out of skin care. Skin issues like breakouts, congestion, hyperpigmentation and dehydration can quickly be identified and treated with the right products.

So, what are people saying about Face Mapping? Well, it seems that even the skeptics have been converted once they see the benefits of this personalised approach to skin care.

“I thought it might not work for me but it did. Particularly when you have an experienced therapist taking you through the process. They speak to you about the various zones on your face, why which zone is producing more oil in comparison to another, why one zone may be susceptible to breakouts, and how a few simple changes in your skin care routine can change the entire outcome.”

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How Do I Book Face Mapping?

Face Mapping is only available at approved Dermalogica salons. It will be available at Luscious Body Beautiful in Nowra from 1st February. Book Now to secure your spot. Want to find out more about Dermalogica’s skin analysis system? Read more here, or explore Dermalogica’s product range.

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