Taking time out for yourself before baby arrives is something every mum-to-be should do. Whether it’s your first child, or your third, pregnancy takes its toll on your body –  strange pains, skin breakouts, mood swings, sleep deprivation to name a few! – so it’s important to give yourself a little extra TLC. And what better way to relax than to book yourself in for some pampering at your local day spa? But what pregnancy treatments are safe? Keep reading to discover some safe pregnancy spa treatments for you to have a relaxing babymoon spa day.


Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage can be pure bliss for you back and shoulders. Those extra kilos can put a lot of pressure on your lower back, especially as you head into your third trimester. Make sure you choose a spa which has a prenatally trained therapist, as they will apply the correct amount of pressure and know the areas to avoid. You can have your massage lying on your side with a contour pillow, or some spas have a special table with a hole that allows you to lie on your stomach!

Foot Bath

Aching legs and feet are one of the most common pregnancy complaints. The good news is that you can soak away tension with a refreshing Pure Fiji Foot Bath at Luscious Body Beautiful. This relaxing treatment will help treat any hard skin on your soles and ease swelling in your lower legs.

Pregnancy Pedicure

Complete your relaxing foot bath with a pampering pedicure. Once you pass your first trimester, it becomes increasingly more challenging to reach your feet. So, what better excuse than to book yourself in for a pedicure with one of our nail technicians? While you’re here, why not treat yourself to a manicure too?!

Pregnancy Spa Treatments
Luscious Foot Bath

Pregnancy Facial

We recommend a gentle facial scrub for our mums to be (forget chemical peels for a little while!). Our Pure Fiji products, with blends of exotic nut oils and nourishing plant actives, will help treat any pregnancy-related problems like breakouts, redness and oil.

Pregnancy Body Scrub

Did you know that pregnancy breakouts don’t just occur on the face? Yes, pregnancy-related body breakouts are a thing! The good news is that a Pure Fiji sugar scrub is the perfect accompaniment to a pregnancy massage, helping to remove dead skin cells and improve moisture levels.

Pregnancy Packages

Here at Luscious Body Beautiful, we’ve put together a special luscious mum pregnancy pause package for all our beautiful mums-to-be. For only $150 you will be treated to

  • Refreshing Pure Fiji Foot Bath
  • Pregnancy Safe Pure Fiji Tropical Spa Facial
  • Relaxing Footprint Pedicure

Contact the luscious team to book your spot.

* Photographs courtesy of Samuel White Photography