Have you ever indulged in a facial before? If so, was it because your skin just didn’t seem like its usual self?

Have you ever wondered about your skins current condition? Is it dry, red, irritated or just having a little bit of a moment?

Skin types differ from skin conditions. You see, people are born and die with their personal skin type (normal, oily, dry, combination) but its the environment in which they are subjected to over a lifetime that contributes to its condition (prematurely aging, rosacea, dehydrated, sensitized, reactive). As people never live the exact same life with a consistent climate or working arrangement, their skin condition is bound to change several times in their lifetime due to the change in their environment. For example, for someone who has had beautiful facial skin all their life might experience dry flakiness when starting a new job where they are constantly in an air-conditioned room. Or someone who has driven vehicles with their hands at the top of the steering wheel has noticed that the tops of their hands have revealed freckles, spots and other signs of aging from being in direct sunlight.

Face Fit Fridays are a mini skin assessment using the Dermalogica product range. We assess your skins condition with a minimal time commitment while your on the run, or for when you’re only after a solution for a specific ailment. Our Face Fit Friday Facials are a miniature 10 minute treatment which includes cleansing and moisturising as well as finding and applying your skin’s remedy. This treatment can be booked at a cost of $15 in which can be redeemed on Dermalogica product purchases at the time of your appointment.


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