It seems that Christmas comes around quicker every year. With the shops already starting to stock Christmas paraphernalia, it’s easy to become overwhelmed before the season even really begins. Christmas should be a relaxing period where we get to spend quality time with our loved ones, but the stress and bustle of the lead-up period can result in us feeling deflated when the holidays finally roll around. 

Scheduling in self-care is important. Self-care helps us to avoid feeling overwhelmed, it curbs mental and physical exhaustion and ensures we are better equipped to look after those around us. 

Here’s our top tips for self-care this festive season:


Practice Mindfulness

Focusing on the present moment is more important than ever during the lead up to Christmas. When our minds are so busy worrying about a future date, and we are rushing around to make sure everything is done in time, it’s easy to forget that there is beauty in the now. Take the time to listen to yourself, your thoughts and the sensations in your body. What are you feeling and what are you thinking? 

Checking in with yourself helps you to identify when it is all getting too much and gives you an opportunity to refocus your mind. A simple strategy to calm your thoughts is to tune in to what’s going on around you now, focus on the little things, all the wonderful moments that can easily pass you by.


Take Time For You

When you notice yourself feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to take time out to relax. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. Read a few pages of a book, do some yoga, go for a walk or just sit outside in the sunshine. Whatever your favourite relaxing activity is, make sure you take the time to indulge in it. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

The festive season is often when we catch up with friends or relatives we don’t see very often. Maybe they live far away or perhaps the relationship is strained. Whatever the case may be, sometimes you just have to say no. If you are feeling anxious about seeing a particular person or you are under pressure to spread your time too thinly, it’s ok to say no. Accepting every invitation can make you feel suffocated and lead to burn-out. Concentrate on the relationships that matter to you the most. Remember, quality is always more important than quantity. 


Get Enough Sleep

Late nights, early mornings (especially if you have young children!) and traveling are signatures of the silly season. With your normal routine thrown out the window, your sleep is also likely to suffer. Sleep deprivation can compound any feelings of stress you are already experiencing. If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, try and take an afternoon nap or schedule in some ‘me’ time.


Set Realistic Expectations

Nothing in life ever goes completely to plan. And that’s what makes it interesting. Setting an unrealistic expectation that your Christmas will run exactly to plan, with perfectly prepared food, well behaved children and no arguments just isn’t realistic. Embrace the chaos, safe in the knowledge that no one is having the perfect Christmas no matter what their social media account tells you. 


Use Your Support Network

Fact: everybody needs someone to lean on. You might be the most organised, well prepared person around, but there are always times when you need a sympathetic ear or a helping hand. Whether it’s your partner, a friend, a relative, or a crisis support service like Lifeline or Beyond Blue don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help if you need it. 


Look After Yourself

Just as exercise, drinking enough water and eating well are all a part of self-care, so is boosting your confidence by looking good. Treating yourself to something as simple as a manicure can give you the lift you need to keep your inner strength throughout the festive period. Come in and see us at Luscious Boutique Skin Spa in Nowra to book in some pampering. You can also book your treatments online.

And most of all  – RELAX and enjoy the silly season!